About Auralum

Auralum is a new and expanding sanitary ware brand. Based on the needs of customers and with a superior cost performance and more than 200 service outlets, Auralum has quickly gained the choice and praise of many consumers.

Inspired by people's enjoyment of a better living environment, Auralum insists on creating cost-effective products and more intimate services, constantly pursuing innovation and improvement in product quality, technology, design and service. At the same time, Auralum knows the importance of safety and health in every product related to life, therefore, it has independently developed and mastered nano surface treatment technology, anti-scalding protection technology, water-saving technology, etc., and has passed certifications such as TÜV or DVGW, which provides an important guarantee for the safety and stability of products, and has long durability, and is easy for users to operate and install.

In the future, Auralum will continue to improve its industrial structure and innovate, adhere to the initial heart, maintain product quality beyond industry standards, and create a more comfortable, clean and healthy quality of life for users.

Product Certificates